Brenda Stewart

Marian is a gifted designer, a great communicator, a patient instructor, and is super knowledgeable about technology. She responds very quickly and works at warp speed. I might also add, she manages to keep  her sense of humor with those of us who  are not quite as savvy about web site work. The consummate professional.

I have never seen Jackie so excited as when she began talking and working with Marian on the new web site. The capabilities of the site are far beyond what we would have dreamed, and site tasks, such as publishing newsletters, adding and linking products, and adding multiple photo images are now much easier and less frustrating.

For me, working with Marian was a joy. I had only to hint at what I might like in the way of design and she came up with something of the many benefits of working with a fellow artist. Most of my ideas for new site features were put into place, but when they were not feasible or possible, Marian very patiently explained “why not.”

Brenda Stewart
Brenda Stewart by Design

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