Margot Clark

Hiring PaintWebs to redesign my website and shopping cart was one of the best business decisions I have made for my company’s growth.  The dollar amount of orders coming in through the shopping cart has increased and I believe that is due to easy navigation on the part of customers. The mailing list feature that came with my web design is invaluable to my business, as I am able to send newsletters to over eight hundred people at one time and then to see immediate results in my orders.  I feel the fact that Marian Jackson is herself an accomplished artist has a direct bearing on the quality and design of the websites she designs for her artist clients as she understands the terminology and intent of the client.

Other features I use and appreciate are:

  • Inventory control
  • The ability to use coupons and discounts for incentives
  • Being able to post a list price and then the actual price for which I sell the item
  • Ease of use of the Admin section
  • The timely manner in which changes and additions are updated on my website by PaintWebs
  • The ability to list products in many different sections with only one entry by me
  • The ability to add products as options
  • The attention to the quality of the photos that PaintWebs posts to my web site.
  • The timely manner in which any problems are resolved and the fact that there are very few problems with which I have to deal concerning the operation of my website

I highly recommend the services of PaintWebs and would be pleased to answer any inquiries from potential customers of PaintWebs.

Margot A. Clark

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